Friday, April 24, 2015

U is for Unique

I'm a bit late on this one and I had a hard time coming up with a U topic dealing with both writing and fitness for my contribution to the A to Z blog challenge.


What makes your story unique? What aspect about it will make the reader want to read more? There are many different factors and even a familiar story can take a different spin. How many Snow White or Cinderella stories are there? I've lost count and I'm sure there are even more. I'm working on a Snow White story even with a male main character. It's fun to play with the familiar and put some unique spins to it. Boy snow white character, boy servant love interest and both male and female dwarves are keeping me well entertained as I slowly write the novel.


Sometimes it's okay to not go the unique route in trying to make something spectacular. Like being a newbie weight lifter and starting out first with already known programs instead of picking random lifts to do. However, you can make your experience and time doing fitness activities unique. Each walk doesn't have to be the same and you will come across different events over time. You could look at it as just another walk or hour on said cardio machine, or just more lifting but how you conduct yourself and the secret thoughts you have can make it more of a unique experience. Probably why something like Run Zombie has become a popular app, getting the experience of a zombie threat/story while walk/jogging is more entertaining than the hum drum of just more time spent on pavement.

How do you make your story unique? What is unique about your fitness?

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