Friday, April 17, 2015

O is for Outside

Today is an easy one. I like to do my cardio outside when possible and a lot of stories have things that happen outside. Makes for a great O topic. If you wonder what other O words work great for the challenge, check out some of the blogs taking part in the A to Z blog challenge.

(Tulip Field in Skagit Valley, Washington)


This time, we do fitness first. I started my little journey back in September with the task of walking and posted about it last month in a post on walking as a good starting form of cardio. While I don't mind the treadmill in the gym (it's not dreadful for me), I can also easily admit that I would much rather walk/jog outside.

There are many outside activities that help with fitness. Some sports are played outside, like soccer, softball, and such. There are fun outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, swimming and kayaking that are all done outdoors.

Granted, weather will affect abilities to do things outside along with safety, location and physical health. It's okay to do fitness activities inside too, but if you have a chance to get away from the computer for the outdoors, go ahead. And who knows, maybe that little walk or game will inspire some writing later.


A fair amount of fiction involves scenes and conflict that happens outside. There are the many instances where characters walk for longer distances than may be realistically feasible. Then there are the survival situations that require living and traveling in the outdoors, often running from something or trying to get somewhere to achieve an important part of the plot. It can even be as innocent as building friendship by spending time in a park. The outside scene can be full of action or represent a slight pause for the characters, it all depends on the world and the story.

Outdoors also can help the writer. Whether it's bringing laptop/notebook outside to write in the comforting rays of the sun, or taking a break to enjoy some fresh air, it can help invigorate ones writing.

What happens outside in your story? What is your favorite outside fitness activity?

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