Thursday, April 23, 2015

T is for Technology

Another, slightly delayed, blog post with this time the letter emphasis is on T. Had a few potentials with that, talking, tall, time, and such. However, I went with technology for my A to Z Challenge blog post.


Many uses for technology in fiction no matter the genre. We use technology as writers such as internet, computers, blogs, cell phones (I can blog from my cell phone now) and many other options to both do the task of writing and to inspire more tales of fiction. Laptop wise I am both Mac and PC, as I have a macbook and a regular netbook. However, with technology comes problems. Macbook has a keyboard attached to it now cause some of the letters won't work and the mousepad stopped working over a year ago. May some day be able to get it fixed, but for now, do what it takes to get by while still being able to write.

Technology can be many different things in our stories as well. The world might be the old style epic fantasy with horses for transportation and no guns, but they still have their own versions of technology. Magic can also use tools, which is technology. Then there is science fiction, which is a whole playland for tech creation. Have fun with your technology while still keeping the reader interested in the overall story.


Some technology can come in hand for fitness too. My favorite one is the Ipod, which I use for couch to 5k training and while lifting weights. I've had my Ipod for around 10 years and it still works great. I've got through a few different sets of headphones and my armband is already coming apart from overuse, but the music player? That is working just fine.

We also use technology to help get in shape. I don't use exercise bikes, but I have done my fair share of walking on a treadmill. I like it as a form of cardio, though outside is better. In fact, some day I wouldn't mind a home gym with lots of weights and a purple treadmill (yeah, I've seen them, hehe). There are other gadgets as well and phone apps can help, but I am old school in keeping track of my workouts as I use a pen and paper.

What is your favorite fictional technology? What tech equipment do you use for fitness?


J Hanna said...

I do not use technology for working out. As a bicyclist I get around using this method, and I like to go for walks. My fitness is more about enjoyment of walking and riding my bike, but I can see how technology can be conducive if you want to work out. I guess I am old fashioned as I hate things in my ears, and if I am going to listen to music I want to listen to it coming from a speaker. It might be attached to my computer, so I use technology in a way.

ozzypip said...

stopping by for the A to Z challenge. I use my iPhone when out walking. I was doing the c35k. I've done it twice and was proud that my 56 year old body could run 5 plus kms in the end. However then my dh retired and he was able to walk with me so now we walk together and running has gone by the board (although I occasionally will run for a few minutes if I'm out on my own with the dogs just to see if I can still make it) I did one go through almost entirely on the treadmill when I was going to the gym but the next times it was outdoors which is better I agree. I love to listen to podcasts on my phone (I have a post written about the ones I like on my blog on P) Now I have a fitbit as well and it does inspire me to get my 10 000 steps a day.


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