Monday, April 13, 2015

K is for Killjoy

This topic is thanks to a writing buddy of mine who also knows the struggles that come along with trying to lose weight. He gets to hear about all the health stuff from me along with some flailed attempts at writing and when I needed a topic for K, this is what he suggested. Check out other K posts in A to Z challenge.

Killjoy in Fiction

There are characters who serve this role but for today, we are just going to focus on the people that affect the writer on the topic of their writing. This is the person who takes the wind out of your sails by just the slightest off hand comment. You finish a first draft of a dystopian and they have the comment about how you must be trying to catch the trend before it dies and no one wants to read those anymore. Or you mention thinking of doing another edit and they wonder why you are being a perfectionist instead of just sending the first draft out. The killjoy person comes in many forms and whether intentional or not, has the right comment to cause the moment of joy to suffer when approached. They give advice on writing and publishing but have never done anything in the industry. They have comments based on their preference though may caveat with, well it's your book do what you want. They are there and like ninjas you never know quite when one will appear. Don't let them harm the ego too much but also don't let the ego block the  way of honest opinion that you may need to hear.

Killjoy in Fitness

Tell someone you're working on a fitness goal or trying to lose weight and there is a high chance you'll find a killjoy or at least someone who has to comment on what they think is best for losing weight. The comments can be subtle as eggshell paint or as subtle as being hit by a semi truck, you're mileage and experiences may vary. Say you lost a couple of pounds and they might need to tell you what they think is the best quick fix to lose weight. Order a dessert or have a higher calorie day and get asked if you fell off the wagon on the diet. Mention a protein shake that tasted really good and they might ask if that is sustainable way of eating that will be continued after weightloss. The comments and people come in many shapes and tones but there is that result that will occur, killjoy.

Either way: keep doing you. Write that book. Run that race. Do whatever it is you are working hard on and keep up the great work.

Have you experienced a killjoy recently?

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Addison Smith said...

Ugh, yes. I've had experience with the killjoy for both writing and weight loss. Some, but not all, are genuinely trying to help. Some may think they are trying to help, but really just want to sound like they know what they're talking about. Either way, it's definitely an off-putting experience.

When I was losing weight a few years ago, I was so exciting I was basically giving people weight updates every day. And there was always that one person who had to tell me the way I should be doing it, that my way was all wrong, and it would never work.

And when I made my first fiction sale, I was brimming with excitement! I had finally done it! I'd been working on my craft for six years, and I had finally gotten to the point where someone would actually pay for my stories! It was just a flash piece, but at a great rate. 12.5 cents per word for an 800-word story. So $100 for flash? Yes, please. Of course, one family member equated that to "$100 for six years' work."

Ignore them. They'll always be there, and all you can do is not let it affect you.


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