Monday, April 27, 2015

W is for Week

Getting there. W is an interesting letter as it has more options than say Z but at times it's hard to get ones that fit certain themes. And no, I don't know what to do for X yet, lol. Check out all of the other blogs still posting as we near the end of the challenge here.


I chose week in part because how we view time is actually important in fiction writing. It's common to just think of the days, weeks and months the way we do in our own lives. However, if you write fantasy and science fiction, those concepts might not be the same. And even in the real world, not everyone has the same week. A lot of people work mon-fri and have the weekend off but there are those like me who work all weekend and have their days off at different times. So, how one labels their week varies and characters might have different views as well.

Sometimes, when writing a story, I do struggle with how to convey time going by without making it too obvious or overdone. There are some aspects of the reader will be able to catch on without putting up glaring signs, but other times, it's just part of the process. I have to go back and figure out how long certain parts take and how long the whole story takes overall because a story can span a day, a week or many years, it's all in how you tell it.


The fitness week is important because many programs recommend following a certain type of schedule. Lifting programs are often 3-6 days depending on the type of program though the more common ones I've seen are 3-4 days and the rest are light rest days where activity is okay. Even with running, the couch to 5k training and other distance programs have set days and weeks to follow.

My weeks have varied over the few months for a few reasons. My work week, how our schedule is set up is Thursday-Wednesday (yeah, it's weird). Most I know follow Monday-Sunday schedules so the do certain exercise splits and often have one or two days off on the weekend. I'm trying to be more consistent on my schedule. Right now, my fitness week is: Mon-Wed-Fri is C25k Training and Tues-Thurs-Sat is lifting. Sunday is rest. This was pretty good when my days off were Thursday and Friday as that gave me gym on one day and cardio on the other. But my days off during the week vary, so that isn't always the case.  But that is how my week looks at the moment for fitness. Who knows how that will change.

How was your week? Do you plan your fitness week the same as your work week, and what about your fiction week?


Timothy Brannan said...

Week has been great so far.
It is getting nice out, so my wife and I will be out walking in the evenings again.

Tim Brannan, The Other Side Blog
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Anonymous said...

I've been having a good week working out, but now my legs are sore. it feels good.


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