Thursday, April 9, 2015

H is for Hobbies and Hobbits

Hehehe. Okay, most of the blog isn't about hobbits but I'll give you a picture just for the fun of it, plus it did start with an H. The rest of the topic is going to be hobbies for the A to Z Blog Challenge.


Writing itself is a hobby for many. However there are other hobbies that le d a helping hand to both creative and technical writing.

Creative - There are other creative pursuits that can be done along with writing, such as art or music. I often find working on one hobby can help to inspire another. Sometimes writing makes me want to paint and listening to music often makes me want to write.

Physical - doing something physical, having a fitness hobby can also help one with writing. Inspiration can come from long walks.  Sometimes you sit too long when working on a novel, so taking a little time away to work  the body can actually make the writing better afterwards. Plus there are many activities that might aid in writing certain scenes. Actually handling a bow or riding a horse gives a different view than just imagining what the character might feel.

Characters can have hobbies too. They may not get to devote lots of times and chapters to a hobby depending on how it can move the story or not, but it's okay to give the character a hobby they enjoy. It helps to build them to more of a 3d individual than just the words on the page. Plus,  people can  relate to someone who has a hobby or two. Just don't get the facts of the hobby wrong for those with the same will be more than happy to point out the errors.


Different physical activities can both help with fitness and be hobbies. All kinds in fact. It doesn't matter if you dance, lift weights, cycle or swim. Some may not like the idea of it as a hobby while others find it better to have that focus because they want to do something fun. If it's better for you to view fitness as work, then go for it.  If you like it as a fun hobby, that is fine too. Doesn't matter which type, as the label isn't dependent on doing a certain activity. They all can be viewed as a hobby plus they have the added benefits that fitness activities provide. I lift weights and attempt to jog for now and it's sort of a hobby, even if I don't name it as such most of the time. I have others that I hope to do in the future. One of my goals is to kayak, which takes upper body strength and who knows, maybe that could become a hobby if I like it.

An interesting response in forums discussing the high costs of some gyms and crossfit locations in particular have suggested viewing the fitness activity from the pov of it as a hobby. There are lots of hobbies that people pay many for because they enjoy them, whether it's music  lessons, supplies for building toy cars  or even plane tickets to travel to distant lands for an activity. So, makes sense that one can view a fitness activity in the realm of a hobby as well. Some may be too expensive for me,  but I don't spend a lot of money on my other hobbies either, one does what they can with their given budget but they still make what they enjoy work. Speaking of... I should be writing as later on I'm going to the gym to lift weights.

What are your hobbies?

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