Monday, April 6, 2015

E is for Ego

Bet you didn't expect that one. Don't worry, I'll do something obvious first. Here is the link for the blog challenge, A to Z blogs so make sure to check out some other blogs trying to make their way through the alphabet. Now, to my topic...


Yep, this works both for fiction and fitness plus is kind of fun. It also starts with E, though it's not one of the hard letters to find topics for in general. Don't ask me about X yet, lol.  Anyways, there is a lot of ego involved in both fiction and fitness, for the good and the bad. Let's explore a little of it here.


Writer - In order to be a writer you both need an ego and to not let the ego get in the way. It's a balance and the amount of ego varies but is still important. It does take a little ego to think one can write a story that others will enjoy reading, at least a smidgen. Ego helps with the courage needed in order to submit something to a magazine, editor, or agent and to keep sending out an item even when it gets rejected. On the other hand, one can't let their ego get in the way. A bruised ego along with a public reaction has led a few astray over the years.

Character - The amount of ego a character has and/or displays is part of what gives them a sense of self and the reader something to either like or dislike. The main character has varying degrees of ego that are displayed because well, the story is about them after all. First person it's all "I" and such so one does think of ego a little. Plus there are many options. The character who thinks they are super awesome, or the character who wallows in their awkwardness yet gets what they want in the end. Everything in between is available too so mix things up. Ego and character are part of their development.


Have to admit, there is definitely some ego involved in fitness. Between the focus on the self as the whole reason (among other aspects to why one does fitness), the need to get self to do things and the draw some have to taking selfie pictures during or after activities, there is definitely some ego involved.

Keep ego in check. When doing certain activities, whether starting or having done them for a long time, there are situations where one has to keep their ego in check. Don't lift a really heavy weight just to look like you can handle it. If you have to just lift the bar, or even something that is less if it's an olympic one, then lift the lighter weight. Everyone has to start somewhere. And it goes for other activities. Just starting out jogging? It's okay if you are slower than a walk, or even as slow as turtles going through peanut butter. Don't let worrying about what others might think keep you from any activity. Most aren't paying attention and if they do judge/hate on you, that's all in their head and not something to put any amount of energy into on your end. Let them hate and you keep doing awesome.

Be aware of others. Selfies are fine and can be useful for showing progress at times as one can't always just find a photographer buddy to take pictures, especially not in the moment. But make note of others around you, in certain places in particular. Try to be careful in locker rooms at the very least, since people go there to change and such, not to end up hanging out in someone's self picture. Pick a good spot and have fun, let that ego fly.

It's okay to have ego, part of the human existence, but sometimes we need to draw some lines in the sand.

How is your ego? ;-)

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