Tuesday, April 7, 2015

F is for Fun

So much fun to be had in the world, whether it's through activities, sleep (dreams can be fun) or writing other worlds, we have plenty of ways to incorporate fun into our lives. Also, have fun checking out some other blogs in the A to Z challenge.


Fitness can be fun. While there are times where you just need to get something done and you'll feel better later even if you don't quite feel in the mood for the exercise at the start. There are also plenty of times and plenty of ways to have fun while working out. Often the best workout is the one you can see yourself doing on a regular basis, and having fun helps a lot of people be more consistent.

Types - There are many different options for fitness, which helps since not everyone finds the same thing fun. Don't like running? Try dance or taking long hikes on trails. Some people really like to swim while others cycle. Some like to lift lots of heavy weights while others use bodyweight programs or follow videos (some can be found online now too). There are many different ways to be fit and so many of them are going to be fun if you let them.

Music - For me, it's fun to listen to music while I workout. If walking/jogging outside near cars or needing to pay attention for bicycles, I only put in one earbud so that I can still be well aware of my surroundings. I make different playlists so that it's not the same music each time as well. Each week on couch to 5k has a new playlist, the runs will have a playlist, and there are gym ones, walking and for fun musicals and a Disney playlist just to keep things interesting. There are a couple good songs from musicals that work perfect when lifting weights, for example. Having that and getting stuff done helps keeps things fun for me.


Writing is fun. It can also be work and torture at times, oh the multiple drafts, editing, waiting, submission, writing all the times and such. Anyways, for the most part it's fun and we also need to remember that it's okay for our characters to have fun once in a while. Putting in a couple of fun moments for the characters gives a better contrast for all of the conflict they have to endure in order to reach the end of the book.

I like to give my characters some happy moments, a little bit of fun, even when I'm working on building up the conflict. It can be something simple, like a snow day where he almost seems to fit in for just a day or spending time with a close friend to forget the stress of the day. Something a little fun even if there is some bits of conflict and other aspects involved to keep the story moving. While things need to happen, it does help to have a little balance. And I think the harder times will have a little more impact and depth if there are also some good aspects experienced by the characters as well.

What do you do for fitness that you find fun? How do your characters have fun?

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