Monday, October 11, 2010

Antagonist Story

Hot air drifted above the steaming pools of water, keeping the area warm against the cool rocks surrounding the dragon's lair. Many dragons were relaxing in the water with a few of the younglings gathered under the large mother dragon, her purple scales glistening from the steam. But it wasn't the dragons that kept the elven ruler on the ledge, looking over the calming scene. He had seen them plenty of times before, making the dragons a normal sight. Instead, the ruler named Tarephain rested crouched near the edge, leaning over to get a better view of the lone elf that rested near a pool of water. Even at that distance, he could make out the dark black hair as the elf hovered above the water, staring at his own reflection. His name was Daemahrath, the sweet spoils of the last battle his servants had succeeded in bringing him. He was even more magnificent in person.

Please tell me you aren't watching him.

The voice radiating in his head startled Tarephain and he immediately pushed away from the ledge to face the stealthy black dragon that had snuck up behind him. His connection to Naru made the stealth a bit more difficult but the dragon always enjoyed finding ways to startle him and the recent change in the order of the castle had added a rift between them. "I wasn't doing anything." He lied even if it wasn't going to work.

If Naru could have physically scoffed, he would have. His head swung from side to side. Ever since that other elf arrived, you've been obsessed. He should be a servant, enslaved as a prize of war. Not someone with his own set of servants. And now here you stand, watching from afar like a love sick little girl.

Tarephain stood, putting more strength in his stance as he faced the dragon full on. "Don't insult me. I still have control over him. He is mine and I will not put up with any of those thoughts I see lurking."

Just be careful. I know you and this is not like you to moon over some guy. I don't care if he is the one. You have a world to rule and getting distracted could destroy your plans.

"I know." His voice raged with the annoyance he felt at the topic. "Now, if you don't mind. I'd like to be alone."

Fine. Stare at the boy some more, but when he destroys all your plans causing you to fail, don't come crying to me. Naru sauntered away.

Even as the words nagged the back of his mind, Tarephain returned to his perch.


Donna Hole said...

LOL; and I had mistaken this for Justins blogfest entry. I noted some POV discrepancies, and word repetitions.

I did enjoy it though.

I'll move down to the other post now.


Dawn Embers said...

Donna - oops. lol. Yeah, this is just a non-edited little story for the nanowrimo prep. Hope you like the other post.


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