Monday, October 4, 2010

NaNo Prep - Protagonist Story

Here is a backstory involving the main character from the last post. This is when he was a teen (well, whatever is like a teen for elves).

Feyn's Crusade  (or quest, now i'm thinking quest is better)

The rustle of red and gold leaves caused the lone elf, Feynethom, to pause. He had to be close based upon the color patterns and the side of moss growth that existed on most of the aspen trees that grew as an indication of nearby running water. A light scent of sweet nectar drifted along a breeze that moved through the tree like a gentle dance. It is the magickal movements of nature that give away the secret of the land. He found it: the lost city of Thai-noren. Taking a deep breath of the flower sweet air, he took the few steps forward keeping him away from the greatest discory of centuries that lay just behind the break in the trees.

Sunlight shown through the clearing, momentarily blinding him from the rewarding sight of his find. He covered his eyes for a second and then let his eyes get accustomed to the new found light.


The familiar voice of his brother, Serothriol, pulled Feynethom from his fantasy. He blinked again and finally noticed exactly where he was. It was still the outskirts of the woodland city but the small clearing had nothing to do with the magick city he dreamed of one day discovering. Instead, it was a normal oak and pine circled opening. There his brother and his brother's best friend, were seated together on a fallen oak tree. Both looked surprised to see him.

"What are you doing?" Serothriol asked, moving a little bit on the log away from his friend by a few inches.

"Um," a light flaring of heat graced his skin. Even with it being his favorite brother, Feynethom couldn't stop the reaction to the question. Anyone else he'd have come up with a lie, but for them he admitted, "I was imagining what it'd be like to discover Thain-oren."

The friend chuckled. "Only you, Feyn, only you."

Feynethom did the mature thing and stuck his tongue out at him. He liked this friend but didn't always care for the teasing. Then he thought to ask, "What are you two doing out here?"

Serothriol shuffled his foot across a clump of dirt and weeds. "Not much. We're just relaxing before we have to go on another patrol mission of the border.

"Oh, right. How long do you have to be gone this time?"

"Not long," Serothriol picked up a leaf and then let it fall again. "Just a week and then we'll have a break. Maybe when we get back, we'll join you on your grand adventure."

"Promise?" Feynethom beamed. When he received an affirmative response he smiled and went back to pretending as he made his way home.

Two weeks had gone by but the patrol hadn't returned. Each night, Feynethom spent hours waiting on the edge of the city, waiting. Then it happened. A group of elves finally returned. Only two were missing: Serothriol and his friend, Mandethum.

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