Saturday, October 2, 2010

NaNo Prep - Outline 1

Main character #1 Feynethom - a male woodland elf
#2 - a different kind of male elf from Starsatti (or however I spell it)
#3 - a short male human that tends to acquire items (yes, the typical thief character)
#4 - female dwarf
#5 & #6 - female humans

Feyn meets #3 in a village inn on his mission to find an ancient city where magical elves once lived in hopes that they hadn't been annihilated as the history books claimed. The human joins him on his quest after acquiring an ancient map that might have the location of the ancient city.

#2 and #4 meet in a treetop tavern. A group of humans come in with one mistaking the dwarf for an elf but his pals correct him. #2 has his ears covered so no one knows that he's an elf. The one human says he met an elf who was trying to find the ancient elven city.

#2 leaves to find the cit yas well, to make sure the others aren't taken by the cursed city. #4 insists on going with him.

Feyn and #3 find their way to the ancient city. It is abanonded with no signs of life in any way. The city is starting to decay and is very creepy. As their nerves start to get to them, #2 shows up and directs them away from the city just in time. They team up with #4, who was waiting for them.

#2 had plans to head to a fort that was being threatened by the antagonist. It's a human fort that has a long history of never losing a battle and if it were to fall to the enemy then hope may be lost. The other three decide to join him. In order to get to the fort they must travel through a number of small to medium size towns full of humans, many of which are occupied by the enemy.

They go around some of the occupied villages but get tired of sleeping on the ground. Near the woodlands there is a small to medium sized village where they decide to try staying at an inn for one night. There they meet #5 and #6.

When the elves cover gets blown they have no choice but to go into the woodlands, which they were trying to avoid. The elves let them into the village, though it's questionable at first because humans are usually not allowed in. Even with Feyn, they almost don't get in because he wasn't supposed to leave the village when he did.

The two elves have dinner with the King/Emporor type to explain their mission. He doesn't agree to send any elves to help but he does allow the whole group to live. #2's secret gets exposed.

After a little bit of time, and a small attack, the group leaves for the fort.

At first, the warriors of the fort are uncertain about the news the members bring, especially with the two elves in the group but the King/Leader of the fort doesn't have a problem with elves. They believe them after awhile and begin to prepare for battle with #2 in charge.

#2 has another secret that he personally reveals to a group after the leader refuses to give in to the anatagonist's demands.

Battle at fort occurs against difficult odds. They seems to struggle at first but as the battle ensues they lose very few people and appear to be winning. #2 gets knocked off when saving Feyn and gets carried away by the enemy. The battle ends with the fort seeming victorious but they lost something/someone valuable.

Plans are made for what to do next.

The end of book 1.


N. R. Williams said...

Nice plot. Twist and turns abound.
N. R. Williams, fantasy author

Dawn Embers said...

N.R. Williams - Thanks!


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