Thursday, October 14, 2010

NaNo Prep - Minor #1 Backstory

This is a backstory for a nanowrimo character. It's supposed to be a minor character, but I have a group of important characters, with varying levels of their importance in the different books. So, this is the second main character elf and a section of story from before he was banned from his home city.

Sweet smells of cinnamon, hops and flowers filled the air in an odd, magical mixture. It was a tedious chore to grind each individual leaf, flower and stem from the variety of plants that were used for their healing abilities. It was mindless work, the type that allowed Daemahrath to remain deep in thought while he went through the motions. Lady Lilathel would be gone all day, attending to a few patients, and so he had the hut to himself.

Daemahrath paused, putting his tool down to give his hand a break. The table top was covered with the plants that needed worked on, and along the bar by the window hung more plants drying. He wanted to get all the work on the table done for Lilathel but didn't know if he could make it.

He didn't mind the work. He would do anything for Lilathel, since she'd raised him after he had been abandoned as a baby. Working for the city healer had its perks, as well as many drawbacks.

As descendants of the Woodland Elves, the elves of Thailea were still weary of anything close to magic. They were part of the group that had protested the slaughter of another Elven race and eventually left to form their own city. Thus came Thailea, located in the lush green mountains far away from any other type of civilization. Even though there were all from the same group, there was a huge difference between Daemahrath and the rest of the city.

They all had the same light features, blonde or light brown hair combined with either green or blue eyes. Daemahrath's hair was black and short as to not get in any of the pills or potions he had to make. He had eyes that were as gray as the clouds before a midnight storm. It was because of this difference that he spent his days alone. He had the same classes that all boys his age were required to take part in, but he had no friends. Everyone avoided him as much as they possibly could. He felt like an outsider.

Taking a break from the herb crushing, Daemahrath moved over to the cauldron to check the temperature of the dark brew. It had cooled down enough to bottle. Using a strainer, he poured liquid down through the hole of a glass bottle.

He had just gotten the cork on his fifth bottle when there was a knock on the door.

"Come in." He wiped his hands clean as a messenger came into the main room of the hut. "How may I help you?"

It was one of the royal family's servants. He had the nice, yet simple dress of a messenger but the look on his face was one of panic. "Lady Lilathal is needed at once. The prince is injured and losing blood fast. Where is she?"

"She's away with a different client." Daemahrath had to think fast. He wasn't supposed to do any healing because they didn't want anyone to know the amount of his abilities. But he didn't have much of a choice. Grabbing some herbs and wraps, he prepared a bag in a hurry. "Take me to the prince."


Brenda Drake said...

Ooo, I really liked this piece. I loved how described his eyes. He sounds like an interesting character. I'm also doing character building for my NaNoWriMo project. Good luck! :D

Dawn Embers said...

Brenda - Why thank you. I first was going to do more of the novel from his point of view and have enjoyed doing some smaller pieces. He'll be an important character for sure.


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