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NaNo Prep - Outline #2

Main character #1 Feynethom - a male woodland elf, left the woodlands on a crazy quest
#2 Daemahrath - a different kind of male elf from Starsatti (or however I spell it), banished from his city where he was raised by a healer
#3 - a short male human that tends to acquire items (yes, the typical thief character) a friendly companion for the dwarf in their middle book
#4 - female dwarf, red hair but no beard. A strong spirit, has no problem with elves and is one of the first to travel out of the mountain recently
#5 & #6 - female humans. Strong and capable of handling things on their own. Some issues against elves but is expected.

Feyn is on his quest to the lost city, but isn't having much success. He stops in a human village to break where he meets #3 in a village inn. He doesn't keep his mission to find an ancient city where magical elves once lived in hopes that they hadn't been annihilated as the history books claimed a secret. The people of the inn are a bit weary because he is an elf. There is one group of men that have a bunch of old maps. There is another human that sits along with Feyn, who is shorter than most. Someone accuses that man of theft. There is an eventual squabble and the two have to run. The short human, #3, joins him on his quest after acquiring an ancient map that might have the location of the ancient city. So, they head in that direction.

#2 Daem and #4 meet in a treetop tavern. It's a special location, designed in a way that it is hoisted up by trees. Daem has his ears covered so no one knows that he's an elf. He just seems like an odd stranger in for a drink. Dwarf is there, having left her home for an adventure but hadn't found one yet. A group of humans come in with one mistaking the dwarf for an elf but his pals correct him. The group spends some time talking with the dwarf, now amused by her presence. The one human says he met an elf who was trying to find the ancient elven city. In an argument, they find out that Daem is an elf and hell breaks loose.

Daem is able to escape after a short skirmish and takes a short cut off the tall bar location. The dwarf follows, getting away too. Daem decides to find the lost city, to make sure the ones mentioned by the humans aren't taken by the cursed city. Dwarf insists on going with him, and befriends him even though he is a bit reluctant.

Feyn and #3 find their way to the ancient city despite the fact that the rooms are very creepy with an air of foreboding. It is abanonded with no signs of life, which is a disappointment for Feyn. They try to search the grounds that are overgrown and decaying. As their nerves start to get to them, Daem shows up. When he first sees him, Feyn almost has the idea that he might be an actual Thailean elf. But that is shattered as Daem directs them away from the city. The two would fight but a danger occurs and they are more than happy to run. The two find #4, who was waiting for them per the orders of Daem. They move a little further away and then wait, in hopes that Daem will make it out of the city alive. He does eventually and the group as a whole makes it further before resting.

Daem had plans to go to a fort that was being threatened by the antagonist. Those plans were only slightly put off by the distraction of the ancient city. The fort is important because it is a human fort that has a long history of never losing a battle and if it were to fall to the enemy then hope may be lost. At least the rest of the human settlements not conquered would probably give up. The other three decide to join him for their own reasons. Some are looking for adventure and others just aren't ready to return home because they left for a silly quest.

In order to get to the fort they must travel through a number of small to medium size towns full of humans, many of which are occupied by the enemy. Most are not friendly to elves and so, for them to go in they have to use disguises. They prefer to go around some of the occupied villages but the group gets tired of sleeping on the ground. So, in a village that is located near the woodlands, the group goes into a small-medium sized village where they decide to try staying at an inn for one night. The disguise is women's clothing. There they meet the last characters for the group, #5 and #6, over dinner.

That evening the women, 5 and 6, go up to the room the group has, where only the elves are currently as the other two are still downstairs. They enter the room to discover the women they saw downstairs were in fact male elves and cause a slight camotion but that gets covered up when the other two soon return. After some coaxing, they listen to the group and don't report the elves. However, the next morning due to an issue with a guardman, the elves cover gets blown they have no choice but to run into the woodlands, which they were trying to avoid.

The elves that save them, lead the group into the village, though it's questionable at first because humans are usually not allowed in. Even with Feyn, they almost don't get in because he wasn't supposed to leave the village when he did. But everyone except the actual elves are allowed in most of the village as the others are placed in a special set aside area with little huts created just in case. Feyn and Daem are allowed time at Feyn's old home for a little while before they are to meet with the King/Emperor type to explain their mission over dinner.

The dinner starts to go very well. He doesn't agree to send any elves to help but he does allow the whole group to live and carry on with their mission. Counsel advisor isn't happy about it when there seems like a point where the King might agree with them, so he stirs up trouble. Daem's secret gets revealed and he leaves the dinner early. Feyn has to go talk with him and there is a small attack, which is a shock since no one has ever gotten that close before. The group leaves the next day for the fort.

They use the disguises to get into the fort but in front of the King/Leader, they remove the disguise and share the news they have about the impending attack. At first, the warriors of the fort are uncertain about the news the members bring, especially with the two elves in the group but the King/Leader of the fort doesn't have a problem with elves. They believe them after awhile and begin to prepare for battle with Daem put in charge. Near the time of the battle, as bit of the population is taken to a safe location.

Daem has another secret that he personally reveals to a group after the leader refuses to give in to the anatagonist's demands.

Battle at fort occurs against difficult odds. They seems to struggle at first but as the battle ensues they lose very few people and appear to be winning. Daem gets knocked off when saving Feyn and gets carried away by the enemy. The battle ends with the fort seeming victorious but they lost something/someone valuable.

Plans are made for what to do next.

The end of book 1.

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