Friday, October 8, 2010

NaNo Prep - Antagonist Profile

Although the antagonist isn't really seen in the first book, just his handiwork, it is still important to have him well rounded.  

The Basic Facts 
Name: Tarephain (name probably will change) 
Pronunciation:Tear - a - fane (not tear as in cry but tear as in rip) 
Age: adult elf, not very old but has enough years gone by 
City or Area of Birth: unnamed at this time. Has a black castle but that's about all I've figured out. 
Sex: male 
Height: somewhat tall for an elf but still within their height range 
Weight: average Hair: not as light as woodland (feyn) but not as dark as the other main character elf 
Eyes: greenish 
Clothes: royal but could handle a fight in them too. has to ride dragons, so has to be useful though extravagent in materials 
Marriage Status: single 
Sexual Orientation: bisexual probably, but more into men  
Occupation: Ruler and tyrant 
Fighting Ability: good at fighting, close range but doesn't often do long range because he has a whole army for that 
Magikal Ability: many magickal skills he has developed over the years. Uses it to control others in particular. 
Character Description: He didn't seem evil, per say, but there was something obviously wrong with him. He acted nice, and would say anything to make things sound like they would be great as long as everyone would just give in. No, of course the kind could still be leader, as long as he answered to him. But resist and his wrath exploded with death and destruction.  

Familial Relations 
Father: unnamed 
Living/Deceased: deceased 
Occupation of Father: was ruler 
Mother: unnamed 
Living/Deceased: deceased 
Parental Marriage Status: both are dead 
Occupation of Mother: none 
Sister(s): none 
Age(s): n/a 
Living/Deceased: n/a 
Marriage Status: n/a 
Brother(s): none 
Age(s): n/a 
Living/Deceased: n/a 
Marriage Status: n/a 
Aunt(s), Uncle(s), Cousin(s), etc: no living relatives at this point 
Other Family Occupations: n/a  
Relationships with Others Current Lover/Spouse: none 
Best Friend(s): dragon 
Other Friends: doesn't have friends, has close servants 
Past Love(s)/Spouse(s): none 
Worst Enemy: many people, he is trying to conquer everyone so easy to get enemy's. has past rage for those that killed the Thaileon elves 
Allies: some exist in various places, tries to get places to give in without a fight since it's easier 
Ability to Make New Friends: can be charming but isn't often seen by most people. 
Other People of Note in Character's Life: in book 1, not many except those already listed 
Reason Why They are Noteworthy: n/a 

Where Raised: same place he lives 
Family Background: raised in a location that was away from most populations with a plot brewing for revenge

Psych Profile 
Greatest Joy: the revival of dragons, thought to be extinct everywhere else. 
Greatest Trauma: something his trainer person did when he was young 
Morals: certain morals are fine while others are skewed by the purpose he has for revenge 
Ambitions: revenge, doing what he was born to do 
Positive Personality Traits: can be compassionate at times, doesn't like to kill unnecessarily, education is important to him 
Negative Personality Traits: bossy, focused on revenge, hatred stems from how he was raised 
Mannerisms: (need to think of some, those will be seen in middle novel) 
Fears, Anxieties: failure Temperament: calm, has a mask often times, can have flashes of anger 
Ambitions: revenge 
How Character Displays Emotions: tries not to display any emotion that would make him seem weak to others 
Leader/Follower: Leader, forceful 
Perception of Others: they are inferior, some are worthless 
Perception of Self: thinks highly of his self and thinks he knows what he wants but in truth he doesn't have a real sense of self 
Memories: how he was raised, trained 
Dreams/Plans: has none of his own, just what he was raised to do 
How Character Handles Crisises: Has a moment of panic, depending on the crises, tries not to let it be shown but then will move forward because he feels he has everything needed to beat everyone. 
Personality Type: A, needs to be in control of everything. things need to go his way 
Most Meaningful Life Experience: unknown 
Attitude Toward Others: definitely feels superior to others and focuses on how they will be of use to him 
Feelings Toward Family: hasn't had any family for a number of years, just servants, so he doesn't have much of an experience to care about family. 
Feelings Toward Friends: doesn't really have any friends 
Feelings Toward Strangers of the Same Sex: considers them with caution, has to make sure he's superior 
Feelings Toward Strangers of the Opposite Sex: doesn't know much about them since there isn't any of his type, elf, where he lives anymore. So most his information is from books. 
Feelings Towards Enemies: enjoyment and anger, thoughts of taking them down and much imagination in how it will be done

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