Friday, October 1, 2010

NaNo Prep - the Premise

Day one of the nanowrimo prep challenge is the premise. Not my favorite activity but it's useful to try and figure out what the story is going to be about ahead of time, at least it is for me.

My novel is Epic/High Fantasy with several important characters, but the top two are both elves. I did the premise considering one of them as the main character.

A young elf leaves the safety of his forest village in search for a lost race of elves.

Since that is only one sentence and didn't quite take up enough space I'm going to try and ramble for a bit as well. Plus that is just the motivation that starts off the adventure. It doesn't tell much about the rest of the book, let alone the series.

When he finds the lost city of elves, instead of finding the actual race of elves in the rotting city, he runs into a different type of elf. The new one is from a village of dreamers that left the woodlands in protest of the annihilation of the magic race of elves that had once ruled the lands. That encounter brings him into a battle agains a villain who is currently against the humans but may come after the elves in the future.

And ummm yeah. Not the best at premise but it's at least a try.


L'Aussie said...

Hi Dawn. I've been following the steps on your NaNo prep on your blog and I've successfully put down my premise. I like the sound of yours..:)

Dawn Embers said...

Thanks L'Aussie.


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