Monday, October 18, 2010

NaNo Prep - Setting 2 Described

A small amount of setting described. The goal is to write for 15 minutes on average, so I didn't try to make this really long. It's the lost elven city, and it's lost for a reason.


Nestled deep within the sea of trees, far beyond any travelers sense of direction, lay the forgotten city. Bands of magic laced through the trees, sinking deep into the soil, combined with the lack of stars and variance of plant growth made it almost impossible to find as those seeking the city would easily get turned around and never truly reach the center where the city once radiated. Somehow, the trees will seem to blend and repeat themselves in patters that would tickle the travelers sense of deja vu without ever making it known that they were backtracking or changing directions from their original intent. Since there were no longer maps that held the secret details of the vast forest, it was impossible to find. Not that it was much of a prize for the rare individual that may stumble upon the once hallowed grounds.

Once a magnificent city of rock, wood and metal embellished architecture, now it is a long a rubble and decay. The tall building have long since crashed to the ground. Walls no longer support upper levels or ceilings and they no longer keep the outside from getting in.

Weeds coat the ground with small patches of grass mixing in across land that once had a purpose. Growth is limited, held down by the waning coat of magick left behind. Standing in the net of the cursed land leaves one in a bubble of silence. No animals have nested in the city, nor can any be heard even on the edge of the civilization marked land. It is an oasis of what once was and what will never be.

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