Friday, October 22, 2010

NaNo Prep - Object Described

Here is more of a flash fiction showing Daemahrath and the Prince he fell in love with, eventually causing him to be forced to leave the city. But the object is in it, so it counts.

The grass shoots waved under a light breeze, bringing with it a calming sense of solitude. Daemahrath, rolled from his back onto his left side, facing the prince as they both rested in the empty field. A yawn escapes from the lazy rest of an empty afternoon soaking in the warm spring sun.

Kaselon pushed closer, until his body rested against Daemahrath's. Their lips brushed together in a brief kiss. "Have a good nap?" He joked when they were apart again.

"Did I nap?" He tried to pretend it didn't happen, not that it mattered. It had been a week since they'd managed to sneak off together and it felt almost a waste to spend part of that time asleep, but he couldn't help it. The last four days had been busy at the healer's hut to the point of getting no sleep most nights.

"I don't mind watching you sleep. You've been busy as of late." Kaselon sat up, moving over to a bag he'd brought with them on their hike. It contained a few snacks, an animal skin with water, and something else. "I have something I want to give you."

This was enough to get Daemahrath to push himself into an upright position. They'd made sure not to give any physical gifts in case they would get questioned about the objects by someone. So, he couldn't imagine what Kaselon would want to give him. He watched as a covered object, bigger than the size of Kaselon's hand, was pulled from the bag and placed on the ground. After a second of dramatic bravado, the edges of the high quality cloth were moved to expose the gift: a special dagger.

Before it could even be officially offered, Daemahrath tried to turn it down. "I can't accept that. The blade was made for royalty and you earned it from the last formal battle show. It belongs to you, not me."

"Daemah. The only reason I won is because you weren't allowed to compete and I'm pretty sure a few of them let me beat them on purpose. Besides, I have plenty of nice daggers and swords that are all specially crafted just for me. I want you to have this one." Kaselon took the blade in its sheath and formally handed it over.

He let his fingers drift over the dagger, admiring the details. The case and handle were onyx black with gold etchings laid in intricate patterns and script. A pull of the handle exposed a shining blade that also contained the gold intertwined over the surface of the metal near the handle and down the sides of the blade. The edge reflected light from the sun, showing off its sharpness from the slight angle it was held. He couldn't deny, it was magnificent and a tempting offer. Pushing the blade back into the sheath, he shook his head. "No, I can't."

"You have to because I am not taking it back." Kaselon put the cloth back in his bag, closing it. "I'm giving it to you and no more arguing cause I'll pull rank if I have to." With a flash of a smile, he planted another kiss on Daemahrath and settled back down on the grass.

Sighing, Daemahrath gave in and settled back to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.


Donna Hole said...

Nice. I liked the sentimental value of the gift.

Good description. Appealing characters.


Dawn Embers said...

Thanks Donna! :-D


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