Thursday, October 21, 2010

NaNo Prep - political background

Politics of Book 1

The Woodlands: There is one main ruler over the land with a counsel(senate) that helps make decisions. The decisions are enforced by guard (as police official types) that follow the rules given by their superiors. There is also a set of public displays that works for enforcement, because what other people think in the community is considered to be of value.

Mixed City: Two ruler system, queen and queen (lesbian couple) that rule the city though there is some question as to how effective a monarch type rule is on the city dwellers. The system is a bit fractured and the people in the city don't get along as much as outsiders think they do. Within the city, it is a struggle and groups constantly are at battle with no concern of the laws.

Human villages: (taken over by villain) Under the control of the antagonist, though from afar. He has some of his creatures there to guarantee control. The original leaders are mostly still in tact, with a few exceptions, but they all must answer to him. Laws are heavily enforced. (not taken over yet) Own rulers, depending on location and the size of the city. Villages tend to not have a single, ruling over all, type of leader. Law enforcement is a little more lax.

Human fort: One ruler with a counsel of knights (or similar types, the fighters). Down to earth ruler who is very close to everyone in the fort's walls, which holds a small village. Everyone takes their roles in the community seriously, with many helping each other.

Dwarven society: Communal type society with a help each other attitude and no main ruler. Laws aren't as important though there are a few codes that those who violate are scorned for a few days. Then they shrug things off and move on.

Starsatti: similar to woodlands. Some of them came from there so it's a reflection of the old ways but with a few changes made to keep things up with the times. Different views are believed. Before Daem left, things were stricter but it turns out after things left a change was eventually made. The prince becomes king and the rules get fixed that caused him to be banned in the first place.

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