Friday, October 8, 2010

NaNo Prep - Description Setting 1

I'm not the best at describing anything, and setting is the worst. But here is the setting described and once i figure the technology out I'll post the very bad drawing.

(Note: I like drawing trees, so that's a good reason this is the first setting even though the number 1 main character isn't even in the scene where the reader will get to experience this location.)

The base was one of the largest trees in the realm. It was broad, old and very strong with a number of smaller trees, in comparison, used as support mechanisms for the foundation of the treetop tavern. The foliage of the center tree, with the smaller trees like miniature copies surrounding it, had different levels that started with a small ring of branches and leaves that became larger until the top level that loomed above the roof. Green leaves had a lush coloring with the dark undersides having an emerald tone that reached up to yellow-green tips and a mix in between to manage the side that received some light that seeped through the top and from the sides where trees did not exist.

There were other sections of trees, all in clusters that were separated by sections of bareness that created the true setting of the location. The sections helped to create a method of walkways that were strung in complicated methods in order to reach the lofty tavern. It did not look like a good place for any form of intoxication, and yet there was only one record of someone ever falling.

But it was the tavern, the mixture of natural and human, that stood out. Its appearance from the ground was a large mass on top of an otherwise simple tree. But when one made it to the same level as the tavern, the intricacy of the wood work, even on the outside walls, was obvious. The building appeared to be carved out of one piece, even though that wasn't the case. On the inside, there was a strange combination of wood, metal and a few glass items used merely for decoration. Overall, the fire hazard may have been high but the end result was well worth it. Compared to any other tavern, it was one of the most beautiful and made it well worth the long climb from tree to tree, rope and pathways combined.

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