Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NaNo Prep - minor character 2

Dwarf Profile

The Basic Facts
Name: Krystal (needs a last name, or second part of name)
Pronunciation: k-ris-t-al
Age: old enough to leave for adventure, young enough to foolishly do it
City or Area of Birth: in the mountains where the dwarves live
Sex: female
Height: obviously short. 3'2" (maybe)
Weight: not much
Hair: red, no beard
Eyes: green
Clothes: green and brown. decent material for travel.
Marriage Status: single
Sexual Orientation: straight
Occupation: unknown at this time
Fighting Ability: decent. Short/small battle ax, dagger
Magikal Ability: none currently
Character Description: Krystal is one of the friendliest characters. She is used to partying, doing work only when it needs to be done, and was tired of the sitting around not going anywhere aspect of mountain life. She is an adventure seeker, ready to take on any battle that will make her life more interesting.

Familial Relations
Father: name unknown
Living/Deceased: living
Occupation of Father: Has skills to build but mostly makes furniture and drinks
Mother: name unknown
Living/Deceased: living
Parental Marriage Status: together
Occupation of Mother:
Sister(s): 1 younger
Age(s): kid-ish age, almost teen-ish
Living/Deceased: living
Marriage Status: too young
Brother(s): 2 brothers
Age(s): one slightly older, one much older
Living/Deceased: living
Marriage Status: one single and one is married
Aunt(s), Uncle(s), Cousin(s), etc: several, not discussed
Other Family Occupations: unknown

Relationships with Others
Current Lover/Spouse: none
Best Friend(s): Makes new ones on the trip. Old best friends were class mates and would play together often
Other Friends: ^
Past Love(s)/Spouse(s): Had one guy interested in her but she wanted to leave and explore the world
Worst Enemy: boredom
Allies: food and drink, lol
Ability to Make New Friends: easily makes friends, sometimes whether the person wants to talk to her or not
Other People of Note in Character's Life: none, though the thief may be in a later book
Reason Why They are Noteworthy: hint is in the wink

Where Raised: in the mountain (inside it, really)
Family Background: umm, all dwarves

Psych Profile
Greatest Joy: new experiences
Greatest Trauma: don't know yet
Morals: decent morals. doesn't mind drinking at all, but prefers not to kill unless it's her life or theirs
Ambitions: adventure
Positive Personality Traits: friendly, seeks new things, strong willed
Negative Personality Traits: doesn't always take a hint well, not always aware of consequences, talks a lot
Mannerisms: ummm
Fears, Anxieties: not sure
Temperament: friendly, happy, talkative
Ambitions: to adventure, experience new things and meet new people
How Character Displays Emotions: visibly, she doesn't try to hide them
Leader/Follower: follower
Perception of Others: intriqued to learn about them, tries to start with clean slate for each one she meets
Perception of Self: happy for the most part though isn't sure of where she wants to be in life
Memories: fond
Dreams/Plans: adventure and find herself, not be stuck in a mountain all her life
How Character Handles Crisises: pretty well, depending on the type, but can panic for a moment or ten
Personality Type: ummm *points to previous details*
Most Meaningful Life Experience: no idea
Attitude Toward Others: friendly
Feelings Toward Family: loves them for the most part
Feelings Toward Friends: enjoys all friends, past and present
Feelings Toward Strangers of the Same Sex: no problems, intrigued by how they act
Feelings Toward Strangers of the Opposite Sex: intrigued as well, unsure too
Feelings Towards Enemies: not used to having any

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