Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Merry Halloween Blogfest

Yeah. So, I was going to write for this blogfest last night but got distracted. Also, I couldn't decide between writing Cinder with Halloween costumes or writing a horror-ish story. Fail on my part cause I'm not good at horror and I didn't write anything last night. The Cinder idea is a bit colorful in language, so I think I'm going to post something else (sorry Cinder fans).

The lovely Mia is hosting the blogfest, so go check out her blog of awesomeness at literary jam and toast.  We're supposed to post something ghoulish since Halloween is coming up. I just posted the serial killer flash fiction I wrote on WDC a long time ago. Enjoy and sorry for taking so long to post.

Entry - Not So Funny

"Almost done." Budders the Clown set aside his ink needle before backing away to look at his handy work. He took a minute to wipe off the sweat from his forehead and then went over to his vanity stand. After a fresh application of white make-up he returned to his project.

"What do you think Celia?" He waited for her answer and then nodded in agreement. "You're right, as usual. The black hair with the purple and green dress will look gorgeous."

Budders went to get the dress and then began the process of setting up his new mannequin so that he could prepare her for the new wardrobe. There still were a couple of pressing matters that needed to happen before the dressing stage. He wasn't one to rush into things but this doll excited him more than most of the others. He hadn't felt this in a long time; the energy and desire.

"I really need to clean up around here. This place is such a mess and not suitable for the company of a refined woman." Budders muttered half to himself and half to his lovely blonde Celia.

He went to the work of spraying the important sealant over the ivory skin of his new model. Didn't want the skin to get damaged or have traces of dirt or any other material. With the coat on he could then affix the luscious black wig. The hair felt as soft as silk and had the sweet smell of island flowers.

"Perfect." Budders nodded as he finished with the dress.

Cleaning up took him a lot longer than he liked but it was a necessary hassle when it came to mannequin making. If the shop wasn't spotless and all evidence properly disposed he would have big problems.

Budders winked. "Can't have evidence just lying around."

Once the area was clean and everything stowed away, he broke out the champagne. With a full glass he toasted his new woman, or the new version of the woman he'd met in the grocery store. "Here's to you. My beautiful Savannah."


Just Another Sarah said...

Um, creepy? Hahaha, nice job. Yikes! That poor woman from the grocery store...

Thanks for sharing!

Dawn Embers said...

Sarah - Thanks. I'm rather fond of this one. :-)

Mia said...

OMG. Clowns always freak me out. Well done on freaking me out ;)

Thanks for entering! I should have the random draw done by next week(ish).

Anonymous said...

CLOWNS! *shudder*

Dawn Embers said...

Mia - :-D hehehe. Glad I could accomplish that.

(Em) - ;-) I know lots of people have issues with clowns. Thus the clown/chemist serial killer.

Tessa Conte said...


Clowns. Mannequins. *goosebumps galore*

I'm so gonna have nightmares tonight!!!

Dawn Embers said...

Tessa - haha, Success! :-D Thanks for the comment.


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