Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NaNo Prep - Monday's Letter to Me

(Note: blogfest entries are located below.) This is my letter to myself about how awesome I am and that I'll win this year for NaNoWriMo.

Dear Me,

I am awesome; and shall not forget that! Don't listen to the naysayer's that suggest skipping nano and taking a break from writing because I know better. I am a writer and I shall prevail past those pesky 50,000 words during National Novel Writing Month and win for a second year. But more importantly, I will prevail in finally writing the elven epic fantasy novel for me. It is one of my first most epic ideas ever. It will be great to set my insecurities aside about the genre, my capabilities, and the task at writing such a non-standalone first novel to a series.

Just remember: while the internet can be useful for writing, and the music helps to get those words flowing, don't allow the web sites and twitter to distract from the task at hand. It's okay to sometimes check email and work on things that need to get done but don't get sucked into the Internet for hours on ends when you could be writing. It's a long month but not that long and there are 50,000+ words to accomplish to read the goal and a win. Maybe use the distraction demon as a reward for great amounts of writing that gets accomplished.

What will this years method be to succeed? I can't do the same as 2008 since I'm no longer living on my own in Utah, but I can change the in house office room in order to get away from the television set. There might be a couple write ins, either in Laramie or Casper, but remember to only go to a few because the method to write a lot is not to travel since it's hard to write and drive at the same time. Remember to take some practices from March since that was the most successful writing month thus far. Even challenge yourself to do better this month. Because now you know you're capable of writing more and that knowledge should give the confidence needed to fight through the month of writing. Granted, it's not an excuse for ignoring the real world but it's possible to write and still have a life off the computer and that we're going to prove this month. Pshaw to anyone who says you should be taking a break from writing. That's crazy and instead I can enjoy the fun insanity of nanowrimo and writing a typical but different version of an epic fantasy.

Now to talk about celebration because this year you are going to celebrate success. Didn't celebrate in 2010 much, and didn't celebrate aside from talking about it online after writing 67,000 words in March. So, think of some reward once you make it past 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo 2010. Get a nanowrimo winner t-shirt, donate to the cause and maybe get another special prize like a trip to Barnes and Noble. Yay. Oh, and get a cookie from the special cookie place in Cheyenne (the type with the special frosting).

Have fun and Write!


Donna Hole said...

Awesome. I'm not participating - no good excuse, just a 60 hour a week day job - but I'm enjoying all the prep work everyone else is doing. Good writing advice out there this month.

Good luck with your writing plan Dawn. And get that t-shirt; you deserve it.


Jolene Perry said...

Screw the t-shirt. I want a cookie ;)

Anonymous said...

I love it!

Who couldn't use an "I'm awesome" letter :)

Happy NaNoing! Only 30 days away from celebrations :D


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