Sunday, October 3, 2010

NaNo Prep - Protagonist Sketch

The Basic Facts

Name: Feynethom (Feyn)
Pronunciation: Fey - neh - thom
Age: Almost adult but still kinda young.
City or Area of Birth: woodlands
Sex: male
Height: medium height for an elf, average
Weight: a little thick for an elf, but in somewhat decent shape from traveling
Hair: light hair, close to blond
Eyes: hazel
Clothes: generic. doesn't keep his nice clothes clean/unripped very well
Marriage Status: promised to female from home village
Sexual Orientation: in denial
Occupation:  none yet
Fighting Ability: doesn't know much about fighting. Okay with a bow but not with a sword at all.
Magikal Ability: no magick ability in book 1 because they don't teach the young magick for fear of what could happen.

Familial Relations

Father: unnamed
Living/Deceased: living
Occupation of Father: counsel
Mother: unnamed
Living/Deceased: living
Parental Marriage Status: married with many kids
Occupation of Mother: house wife
Sister(s): 4
Age(s): infant, young child, child, adult
Living/Deceased: all living
Marriage Status: adult is married, rest are too young
Brother(s): 3 brothers
Age(s): toddler, teen, and adult
Living/Deceased: living, the oldest is alive but thought to be dead
Marriage Status: none are married yet
Aunt(s), Uncle(s), Cousin(s), etc: a number of them
Other Family Occupations: unknown

Relationships with Others

Current Lover/Spouse: promised one unnamed so far
Best Friend(s): had a best friend but hadn't seen and awkward around
Other Friends: those he grew up with, and the ones he meets in the book
Past Love(s)/Spouse(s): none
Worst Enemy: doesn't really have a worst enemy at this point
Allies: a number of friends and the new ones he makes
Ability to Make New Friends: is okay at making friends
Other People of Note in Character's Life:
Reason Why They are Noteworthy:


Where Raised: the woodlands
Family Background: have always lived in the woodlands, though some members were a part of the section that left after the annihilation of the other section of elves. Not the highest class but not very low either.

Psych Profile
Greatest Joy: memories of his brother
Greatest Trauma: losing his brother
Morals: good morals of right and wrong
Ambitions: dreamed of finding some of the other race of elves, to prove they weren't gone forever
Positive Personality Traits: friendly, caring, nice, doesn't like to quit
Negative Personality Traits: not the brightest, clumsy, not good at fighting, naive
Mannerisms: Fears, Anxieties: failure, losing another loved one, being someone his family won't approve of
Temperament: mild, likes to talk and joke around but has his own secrets he tries to avoid anyone finding out
How Character Displays Emotions: shares the happy ones but tries to hide anger or sadness
Leader/Follower: follower
Perception of Others: tends to look for the best in others and occasionally ignores the bad, and avoids confrontation with them if possible
Perception of Self: Thinks everything is fine with his self, that he's normal and somehow the changes in choice makes life interesting
Memories: has many fond memories of his older brother, his best friend
Dreams/Plans: same as ambition.
How Character Handles Crisises: struggles to deal with a crisis and doesn't always know how to react/act
Personality Type: friendly
Most Meaningful Life Experience: one with his brother
Attitude Toward Others: listed above
Feelings Toward Family: loves his family but feels a little out of place sometimes and worries about how they feel towards him.
Feelings Toward Friends: jokes around a bit, likes spending time with friends but a bit sensitve on certain subjects
Feelings Toward Strangers of the Same Sex: still friendly and such, comfortable
Feelings Toward Strangers of the Opposite Sex: is okay with them, friendly and all
Feelings Towards Enemies: doesn't know how to feel aobut enemies, not used to having any really


Alison Stevens said...

Oh, man, you are SO FAR ahead of me for NaNo prep. *hangs head in shame*

I have an award for you at my blog.

Dawn Embers said...

Alison - Well, I'm just doing the days that the nanowrimo prep challenge requires, so I'm not that far ahead. Oh and thank you for the blog award.


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