Friday, October 1, 2010

Mash Up Blogfest

I joined this one only a couple of days ago but it sounded fun. My NaNoWriMo prep assignment, the premise, will be posted also today.  This will be a different blogfest because I'm not going to post a scene from Cinder Story because it doesn't mash up two very different genres, or even two similar genres. Anyways... Let's get onward to the actual blogfest.

Mash-Up Blogfest

"The Mash-Up Blogfest is a 'fest inspired by musical mash-ups... taking two different songs and weaving them together in a humorous or pleasing way. Participants will "mash up" two genres that are not normally written together into one delightfully weird piece of flash fiction." May also include poetry or "scenes" for those that don't write flash fiction.

I wasn't sure which genres to mix. I researched a little online (which had examples of literary mixed with a genre fiction as the usual) and asked people on twitter which genres I should mash up. Not much luck on the getting help front but I managed to come up with 2.

Adult Entry (aka too naughty to post on the blog directly) for 18+ only.
I remembered I had one flash fiction  piece already written from awhile ago. I think it qualifies because to me horror and erotica don't mix. This was a hard one to write because I still have issues understanding what qualifies as horror.


Other Entry (cause it's fun to have something on here for those that don't want to click the link.)
And this one I struggled with because I wanted to write something new but I didn't have much time. Injuring myself bowling last night didn't help either. So, this is from an attempt at alternate versions where I used an angel section and made it into a regular human. I think it still counts because it hints at possibly having a religious tone but it's a gay character.

The Confession

No one spoke as Elijah took his seat. Confessions at the sexual orientation conversion facility were similar to AA meetings. They all sat in a circle, sharing to each other and the supervisor their temptations and thoughts of sin. No one actually went through with the sin during their stays at the facility, but some came close. The meetings usually involved the same drivel with the only accomplishments being the lack of 'self love' but not today. Today, Elijah had something to confess.

"I welcome you, sons and daughters of God, during this holy day of vigilince to our Father in heaven. May we give praise." Omniel, the supervisor, chanted the same greeting every sunday."Does anyone have anything to confess?"

No one wanted to speak first, so Elijah nodded and raised his hand. "I have a confession. One that entails more than thought. Yesterday, I went to Hell's Club, looking to meet someone."

Everyone in the circle stared at him.

"I started at the bar," Elijah continued, unsure what everyone might think about him now. "I almost ordered a drink but changed my mind."

Elijah had to control his nerves as he confessed. "I found a man I thought was attractive and asked him to dance. We started dancing with our bodies touching and soon our lips followed. It felt so good. After awhile we gave up on the dancing and made out."

He glanced around the circle to see all eyes on him.

"He lived nearby so we went to his place and got even closer."
"How close?" Sophia interjected, she sounded concerned and yet interested.

"Very close." Elijah continued, "We started taking off clothes until all we had left on was our underwear. Lying on the bed we kissed again." He knew he had worked the story up to the right amount of suspense. "But I couldn't do it."
"How did he respond?" Sophia asked.

He couldn't help but smile at the memory. "Better than I thought. He said he understood and after we got dressed he walked me home."

Omniel made a note before speaking. "Thank you, Elijah, for your confession. You have done well."


Elena Solodow said...

Interesting idea. This is straight drama. I applaud you for that!

Dawn Embers said...

Elena - Thank you.

Steph Sinkhorn said...

Hi Dawn - I've been by to read. Thanks for participating! :)


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