Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bad News Blogfest

And another blogfest but this time I signed up for it more than two days before the event. Yay me. lol

The blogfest link:

Information: The blogfest is basically to write a scene or story where a character receives bad news. How they react to the bad news is key.

Cinder's Bad News:

In a much needed move of relief, Jack closed his bedroom door. If he had to hear about one more problem involving the wrong shade of lipstick or missing pink high heels he would consider jumping in front of a speeding city bus or maybe even a train. After finding the proper medication to relieve the pounding that reverberated within his skull, he settled down at his still rather empty desk to thumb through his mail from a few days ago.

One letter with the addresses written in a dark purple caught his attention among the pile of junk that he received on a regular basis. It was from his mother. He opened it up and skimmed for any important details since she sent him a letter once a week to keep him updated on family life. But this time he had to stop skimming in the middle when he came across an unusual bit of news almost doubling over the desk as he felt pain in his stomach as if he'd just been kicked.

The letter read: And I'm very sorry to be writing this but your Uncle Edgar passed away due to medical complications. The funeral is set for the 20th and I really should have called but your father thought it better that we not even tell you. But I know how much you liked your uncle and couldn't go without saying something. I'm sorry that because of this your won't be able to make it to the funeral but if you need anything, you know you can call me on my cell.

After that, he stopped reading the letter, setting it down on top of the pile of white unopened envelopes full of junk. He stared ahead at the bland white wall as he tried to come to terms with the news of the death of his favorite uncle. it was hard and as much as he didn't want to, he felt a few tears roll down his cheeks. Unable to control the emotion anymore, he let go and cried, doing his best to not make a sound.

"If you're not busy, I need a moment of your time."

Surprised, Jack wiped his cheeks off before turning around to see that his boss was standing in the now open doorway. He was holding a bunch of ties and had a questionable look on his face. All Jack could do was nod and hope his eyes weren't bloodshot. At least he didn't feel any more tears falling.

Mr. Daniel paused and then asked, "is this a bad time?"

"No, no." Jack jumped from his seat and had to immediatle grab the wooden desk chair to keep it from hitting the ground. "How may I help you?" His voice waivered a little.

Holding up a trio of ties in front of his white button-down shirt, he said. "My wife told me you are good with fashion stuff and I need to know which tie to wear to this fundraiser she is making me attend. She also said you know what she is wearing, if that helps pick one."

It took Jack over a minute to get his head in the right frame of mind to even remember which dress his wife had chsen with his help for the fundraiser. Checking out the options provided, he chose one that would compliment the outfit of his wife but wouldn't be an exact match or take too much atention away from her as he assumed she would prefer. "The blue-green one should be fine for the event."

"Thank you." Picking the chosen tie from the mess, Mr. Daniel smiled. "I don't really care for these events but it's better than arguing with the misses. We shouldn't be out too late and I promise that you won't be bothered anymore tonight." Then he added, "If you don't mind me asking: Are you okay?"

"Yes, sir," he nodded and did his best to sound confident in his answer even though he wasn't."I'm fine."


L'Aussie said...

Good ole boy, Jack, stiff upper lip after receiving bad news..:)

Dawn Embers said...

L'Aussie - Thanks for the comment. I think it does show much about the character even if it's not the saddest entry. :-)

N. R. Williams said...

I wonder how Jack feels about his parents leaving him in the dark? this is different from many other entries.
N. R. Williams, fantasy author

Francine said...


Bad news delivered as sort of passing afterthought in a letter was kind of mean of Jack's mom. Not nice, not a nice way at all to receive news about a favourite Unc he'd cared about. ;)


Dawn Embers said...

N.R. Williams - That is a good question and thanks.

F - True.

WritersBlockNZ said...

Awww poor guy! I really felt emotionally connected to him. Fantastic job!

Dawn Embers said...

WritersBlockNZ - :-) Thank you.

Cinette said...

Ouch. To get such news in a letter? And not even to be able to attend the funeral? I know my mother can be forgetful, but...

Brenda Drake said...

How sad to receive bad news so coldly in a letter. It reveals a lot about Jack in how he handles the situation. Wonderful! :D

Dawn Embers said...

Cinette - It is harsh news to get in a regular letter instead of at least over the phone.

Brenda - Thanks. I thought it showed the character well and glad to see others think so.

Jacee Drake said...

That's just horrible of his parents! His father didn't even want him to know! OMG... poor Jack. You've done an excellent job of showing his inner strength. You're heart just breaks for Jack. :(

Dawn Embers said...

Jacee - It certainly isn't a nice way to learn. Glad you liked it.

J.C. Martin said...

Very sad. Happened to me with my grandmother when I was at University. Parents didn't want me getting so upset it affected my studies. I suppose they meant well.

Dawn Embers said...

J.C. Martin - That is true. Sometimes it can be hard to say over the phone. I was told over the phone when I was in an art studio and ended up crying during a discussion about my mid-term grade. But a letter feels weird nowadays.

Elena Solodow said...

This was a perfect demonstration of how people are required to keep-it-together even when they're in massive pain. Heart-breaking.

Dawn Embers said...

Elena - Why thank you. :-)


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