Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NaNo Prep - minor character sketch 1

The Basic Facts
Name: Daemahrath
Pronunciation: Day - ma - ra - th
Age: Adult but a youngish one
City or Area of Birth: birth unknown, raised in Starsatti by the city healer
Sex: male
Height: tallish for an elf but still not overly tall
Weight: in shape
Hair: black
Eyes: gray
Clothes: well worn. He has been on his own, traveling for years after being banned from the city.
Marriage Status: single
Sexual Orientation: gay (though keeps it a secret for the most part)
Occupation: could work as a healer as he was trained for that
Fighting Ability: really good at fighting but prefers not to fight. During training he wasn't allowed to fight against the other students, even as practice.
Magikal Ability: well developed for keeping it a secret

Familial Relations
Father: unknown
Living/Deceased: probably deceased
Occupation of Father: n/a
Mother: unknown
Living/Deceased: probably deceased
Parental Marriage Status: n/a
Occupation of Mother: n/a
Sister(s): none known of
Age(s): n/a
Living/Deceased: n/a
Marriage Status: n/a
Brother(s): none know of
Age(s): n/a
Living/Deceased: n/a
Marriage Status: n/a
Aunt(s), Uncle(s), Cousin(s), etc: none know of
Other Family Occupations: n/a

Relationships with Others
Current Lover/Spouse: none
Best Friend(s): doesn't have any anymore will befriend others in the group
Other Friends: none for now
Past Love(s)/Spouse(s): Prince Kaselon
Worst Enemy: the king's advisor from his old city
Allies: none at the moment, but is rather charming so could get some in novel
Ability to Make New Friends: Didn't have many friends because he was considered different, but when people don't know exactly what he is and just go on his personality, he is charming and can make friends
Other People of Note in Character's Life: The woman who raised him was very kind and he holds her in high regard.
Reason Why They are Noteworthy: The only one to take him in, not call him a freak, and such.

Where Raised: Starsatti
Family Background: no family

Psych Profile
Greatest Joy: it was his best friend and first love
Greatest Trauma: being marked and banned
Morals: has good morals for the most part, sometimes has to do things just to survive but prefers to help and not hurt
Ambitions: seeing others have happiness, to do something good with his abilities
Positive Personality Traits: loyal, kind, caring, nurturing/healing
Negative Personality Traits: loner, afraid to hurt anyone
Fears, Anxieties: hurting someone, losing another love
Temperament: mild and patient, used to being ignored and considered a freak
Ambitions: make a difference, to keep the death toll to a minimum
How Character Displays Emotions: tries to keep his emotions to himself but sometimes they appear on his face and in a few actions depending on the emotion
Leader/Follower: Leader, although a bit reluctant
Perception of Others: a bit weary of others when he first meets them. Looks for the good but is well aware of the bad that exists
Perception of Self: doesn't have the best view of himself, tries not to let what others have said get to him but that doesn't always work.
Memories: Has many memories from growing up, being different, learning to heal, meeting the prince, etc.
Dreams/Plans: plans to stop the antagonist if possible, to use his abilities to help others
How Character Handles Crisises: although quiet, he does better than most in a crisis.
Personality Type: natural leader but calm and quiet
Most Meaningful Life Experience: his relationship and the bad aftermath leading to his being banned
Attitude Toward Others: cautious but still considers that some people are good, even if others are not
Feelings Toward Family: doesn't know what it's like to have a family
Feelings Toward Friends: hasn't had many friends. greatful to have them but always cautious and afraid of losing them because he kind of expects it to happen
Feelings Toward Strangers of the Same Sex: weary, attracted to a few but not many
Feelings Toward Strangers of the Opposite Sex: has no problem with women and they like him as a friend
Feelings Towards Enemies: doesn't like to be around enemies and doesn't know how to deal with them


Tessa Quin said...

Dude! I'm so behind on this. I've only sketched out in which order things will happen, and the rest is in my head. But then I'm a bit of a edge-of-the-seat writer...which means a whole lot of editing afterwards.

Dawn Embers said...

Tessa - Don't worry about it. It's possible to write nanowrimo and win without doing any planning beforehand. I do this stuff ahead of time because I like the person who created the challenge and the amping up to nanowrimo but honestly, I'll never look at any of this stuff except maybe to find a character name. The outline and descriptions won't be used much during the actual writing of the novel cause I'm weird like that.


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