Sunday, October 10, 2010

Muse Monday Avatars

Even though I have a lot of posts going on this month, I wanted to add one more. A muse one where I show a bunch of different characters that I've used the same avatar creator in making them. The site is fun but the characters always look very young, and the male characters tend to look a bit femmy. That's okay for my male characters since they're almost all gay but if I wanted a super masculine character I'd probably have to use a different web site.

The site I use is

First was the mutant characters, which were somewhat easy because I had enough written on them to figure out what they would look like. I even did more than the main character for that one, so far.

Dominick was one of my favorite characters to write. He is Noah's best friend and has a mutation where his dreams are prophetic but in symbols and means he has to sleep a whole lot more than other people. So, his images all have him with coffee.

Bastian is the love interest. He was a little more difficult just because he's not femme, and during the novel he joins the military. Is normal and starts off a bit shy but the military changes him. He becomes quite strong by the end of the novel, but gets kidnapped by the villain.

After making these characters and a few main characters such as Noah, Lucas and Elijah, I couldn't stop. I have mini addictions that don't last very long but I did procrastinate for hours on the site, making different characters.

Here is one that I don't even have a name for. He is just a nerdy mage that I enjoyed making and like how he turned out. As you can see, many of the backgrounds are also a little girly.

But some of the backgrounds are kinda cool.  I like this one, for example And the character came out a little less femme with the jeans and shirt. The site actually has pink pants in the boys section, and I mean very girly looking pink pants. Or there are jeans with pink, purple and some glittery stuff on them. This pair isn't so bad at least.

Finally, I made some kinda girly ones on purpose. I think this one is kind of how I see the intersexed main character, Taylor.

As you can imagine, making these are fun and they do have their uses. I do like using the avatar site and would recommend them for anyone who wants to give it a try. The girl side is fun to use as well.

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