Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NaNo Prep - Plot Backstory

The attack came, just as they had predicted. Even the magick they possessed wasn't enough against the horde that swarmed Thai-noren. Fires raged, taking down wood buildings two at a time as the last remaining Thai-lean elves fought against the hordes. Arrows started to run out, magick wore down the energy making escape impossible. After weeks of fighting, the last remaining mages gathered in the last remaining building located at the center of Thai-noren.  

"What now?" A mage wheezed, gripping the branches of a wood chair in attempt to stand. The rest hadn't helped with his powers vastly depleted.  

"It's the end." The cynic said, his tone somber as it always was when he spoke. "We die."  

This news did not sit well even as everyone in the room nodded. 

The first mage started to ask, "Did the ones..."  

"Irrelevant." A leading voice spoke, one of three female mages left stood near the center of the room. "There is one thing left to do, as planned. What happens after that is out of our hands."  

The last living set of thirteen mages gathered at the circle altar located dead center in the barricaded room. It wasn't going to be easy, with each mage being weakened from the ongoing fight. But it was necessary. The last show of bravado before annihilation. It would take all their magick and beyond, but it was better to die from the last use of power than at the hands of the ones they once protected.  

"Let us begin," she said.  

Their energies merged as weakened voices changed, the power mounting despite the vessels that once contained it drifting further away. It took a matter of minutes for the energy to build and with the last breaths of life, the mages lashed out, desecrating all that were in its path. Burying the once vibrant city into a cursed land, hidden by the residues of magick to protect those that would foolishly seek out the wreckage. Life would move on elsewhere and the city would drift into lore until it was at long last, forgotten.

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